Our community is vast. We serve the North Seattle communities of Lake City, Cedar Park, Olympic Hills, Kenwood, Briarcrest, Victory Heights, Meadowbrook. At time, our signal may be heard in parts of North East Seattle, Wedgwood, Maple Leaf, Northgate, Bitter Lake, Shoreline, Lake Forest Park in Seattle and in parts of Bothell.

To better serve our community, we are offering 15 hours of air time FREE to our local community.

Community Air Time is slotted from Midnight until 3am, Monday through Friday.

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Lake City

Lake City is the northeast region of Seattle, centered along Lake City Way NE (SR-522), 7–8 miles (11–13 km) northeast of downtown. A broader definition of the Lake City area includes all the land between 15th Avenue NE and Lake Washington, and between NE 95th and 98th streets to the Seattle city limits at NE 145th Street. Lake City encompasses much of the Thornton Creek watershed, the focus of a long restoration campaign by citizens and Seattle Public Utilities staff to enhance the residential environment of Lake City.

Cedar Park

Cedar Park is a neighborhood in the Lake City district of Seattle, Washington. The name generally refers to the residential neighborhoods east of Lake City adjoining Lake Washington.

The “Cedar Park” name comes from the plats that subdivided the land along Lake Washington that had previously belonged to the Puget Mill Company. Although the area was subdivided in the 1920s, development proceeded slowly. Many lots overlooking Lake Washington were occupied by vacation cottages from the 1920s to World War II. After 1945, the area developed as a single-family residential community. Many single-family residences in Cedar Park date from the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s.

The neighborhood boundaries remain a matter of debate. Some believe that only the parcels platted with the name “Cedar Park” are properly part of the Cedar Park neighborhood. Others argue that the Cedar Park Neighborhood extends east from 35th Avenue NE to the shore of Lake Washington and extends from NE 145th Street at the north to NE 120th Street at the south. This larger area is the area represented by the Cedar Park Neighborhood Council.

This neighborhood was annexed to the City of Seattle in 1954 when the Seattle City Limits were extended north to 145th Street. From 1956 to 1981, children in the neighborhood attended the Cedar Park Elementary School, at NE 135th Street and 37th Avenue NE. The school was later surplused and today is occupied by the Artwood Studios and a private gym. Currently elementary students go south to John Rogers Elementary School, middle school students attend Jane Addams Middle School and high school students go to Nathan Hale High School.

The former school playground, west of the former elementary school building, is now Cedar Park, a small local playground and play area.

The Burke-Gilman Trail cuts through Cedar Park from NE 145th Street to NE 120th Street paralleling the Lake Washington shoreline.

Olympic Hills

Olympic Hills is a neighborhood in the Lake City district of Seattle, Washington.

The architecture is very diverse, ranging from homes displaced from the Interstate 5 construction, to newer construction.

In 1935, Will Rogers played his last game of polo in this verdant neighborhood north of Seattle. The Olympic Hills Polo Field was located across the street from the Jackson Golf Course which was built in 1930. The field was between N.E.135th St. and N.E.137th St. along 15th Ave. NE. It was surrounded by stately poplar trees and in the distance rose the green, rolling Olympic Hills. A monument to Will Rogers was placed at the field, but later moved to Albert Davis Park. Albert Davis Park is behind the Lake City Library which is a historic landmark.

Thornton Creek runs through the neighborhood as it makes its way to Lake Washington. The Olympic Hills neighborhood is part of the Lake City district which includes the neighborhoods of Cedar Park, Matthews Beach, Meadowbrook, and Victory Heights.

Albert Davis Park, located in the Olympic Hills neighborhood, was a gift to the City of Seattle in 1964, it is named after Albert Davis, a Lake City community leader who died in 1971. Born in Buffalo, New York, in 1890, Davis was a charter member of the Lake City Vigilantes, a member of the Keystone Kops, originated the annual salmon barbecue with his Secret Seasoning, spearheaded the Lake City Pioneer Days celebration, was active in the Youth Center, and served as the unofficial goodwill “ambassador-mayor” of Lake City. He was awarded the Golden Acorn award by the PTA in 1971.

Homer Kelly, author of The Golfing Machine, taught golfing lessons at the Jackson Golf Course. He and his wife Rosella are buried at the Acacia Memorial Park which is north of Lake City. Golfers still practice at the public course and there is a beautiful perimeter trail where neighbors can enjoy a bit of untouched nature in this urban neighborhood.

Victory Heights

Victory Heights is a neighborhood in the Lake City district of Seattle, Washington. It was named after the Victory Highway, which formed the eastern border of the area. The highway was originally called the Gerhart Erickson Road, the namesake of which was Gerhart Erickson, who sponsored the Good Roads legislation in 1903. The road was then renamed Bothell Road, changed to Victory Highway in 1924, before returning to Bothell Road; it is now called Lake City Way NE. The neighborhood was annexed to the city of Seattle in 1954.


Meadowbrook is a neighborhood in the Lake City district (township annexed in 1954) of Seattle, Washington. Meadowbrook is centered on open fields adjacent to the Meadowbrook Community Center, swimming pool, and Nathan Hale High School. It is bounded on the south by NE 95th Street and the Wedgwood neighborhood, on the north by NE 120th Street and Cedar Park, on the west by Lake City Way NE (State Route 522–SR 522) and Victory Heights., and on the east by 35th Avenue NE and Matthews Beach. The neighborhood is almost entirely residential. There are no commercial strips, though there are some small restaurants and other businesses. The area is served by a number of public schools, including John Rogers Elementary, Jane Addams Middle School, and Nathan Hale High School.